GildedQRS: A Rating and Underwriting solution for insurance businesses.
A web-based, data-centric, robust transactional system.
Underwriters create quotes online in real-time. Actuaries upload Rating spreadsheet changes over time.
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GildedTree provides software services for Insurance & Financial companies.
Projects implemented with small, elite teams of software professionals.
Can effectively evaluate and address custom development and integration needs.
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"Through GildedQRS's innovative use of spreadsheets to capture rating model definitions, we can focus our time and energy ... refining and adapting our rating methodology in a format we understand, rather than 'translating' what we want for BAs and IT."
- Phil Augur, COO, Arch Re Fac
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"GildedTree collaborates well with our business units and IT group, and has helped us achieve strategic objectives."
- Matt Piroch, Senior VP Ops & IT
HM Insurance Group
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"GildedTree staff are very
good technically, but perhaps more importantly - they care about and 'get' the business side of the equation."
- Will Stephens, VP Technology
Golden Gateway Financial
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